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TANDEM - Paragliding in Hong Kong
•Flying has never been this much fun.
 A sunny day, light winds, beautiful scenery, good friends and an inflatable wing to carry you into the sky. This is the way you’ve always wanted to fly. Nothing, between you, and the ground, but clear air. There is no other feeling like it—paragliding, the only way to fly.

•Paragliding Hong Kong can show you how to become a foot launched paragliding pilot. Get the facts on paragliding from Steven Yancey, fully rated experienced UNITED STATES PARAGLIDING instructor with Paraglide Hong Kong and let Steve introduce you to a whole new way to look at the world...from above.

•PARAGLIDE HONG KONG, is a school which was created to help persons to learn the sport in a safe and enjoyable manner.

•The instructor with more than 10 years flying experience around the world is certified by the UNITED STATES HANG GLIDING PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION which also plays a major role in insuring HANG GLIDING & PARAGLIDING remain a safe sport.

•The basic training you need to get yourself flying solo is also minimal. Techniques for learning to Paragliding—launching, flying, landing, all are fairly easy to learn. Training starts on flat ground and then progress to a training hill before progressing to higher flights in a few short lessons. Equipment (provided) minimal. The principles being the glider, called the wing, and the harness. The rest of the equipment is mainly for safety & communication.

Safety is of utmost importance, despite the relative low risk involved with paragliding, there still remains the possibility of serious injury if a pilot doesn’t properly learn skills and exercise good judgment.

•Proper training go a long way towards being a safe pilot.